Based in Sydney, Australia, AJP is an independent creative studio, producing unique commission based works and larger scale individual projects.

Formed in 2018, Alex Park's namesake project quickly developed from a past time pleasure of artistic expression to a part time vocation, attracting a loyal following of clients seeking personal and poignant pieces of art. 

With a style that is distinguished by it's simplicity, AJP's line drawings are distinctively modern and experimental, creating pieces of work that are aesthetically abstract yet balanced by the familiarity of the subjects in her work. Water colour is a playful accompaniment to the boldness of the lines and each work evokes a sense of sensuality and warmth, making the perfect gift for a loved one. 

AJP's European series are works bound in nostalgia of vacation's past. Each piece capturing a memory of a taste, a moment, a feeling, a scene. These works aim to transcend the viewer, transporting them to a moment shared and celebrated with loved ones. These pieces are completely bespoke and have garnered a devoted community of admirers hoping to relive travels past.